Dear Collin Raye, I Think I Love You.

A friend sent me the link to this YouTube video a few days ago.

I would have shared it with you sooner, except each time I watch it I sob.

Yes, sob.

Collin Raye expresses my heart with his words.

I wish I had the ability to take my feelings and weave them into a medium that could convey what is in my heart.

I’m grateful to Mr. Raye for sharing his talent and song.

A little background:

“Haley inspired me to write the song. In life, bless her little baby heart, she can’t do anything. She’s totally helpless in every way. She can’t hold her head up, she can’t sit up, she can’t roll over, she can’t scratch if she itches, she can’t let you know if she’s in pain. It’s just a miserable little life she has … But, I always feel like it’s such an honor to take her places and be her representative on this earth and say, ‘Oh, hey, she’s with me.’

Have I ever told you the pride my husband has for all that his youngest son is?

Colin’s words make me think of Reed and the proud that, in this case, is really love in different packaging.

Parker’s Daddy is always talking about the day when Parker is healthy enough to meet the world.

I may have mentioned before how the world could use some of the amazing that makes up this kid’s soul.

You watch.

And if you cry, that’s okay.

It simply means you get it.

I’m going to see if I can download this to my iTouch.

Cause I’ve just found me a brand new theme song.

And…uh….no, I still haven’t figured out how to resize a YouTube video.


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