Day Dreaming

I think it is a bit under handed when Mother Nature gives you Spring only to turn around and drag your fair weather starved heart smack back into the middle of winter.

To and try and lift the spirits over here I thought I would make a list of things to do as soon as the weather turns grand.

1. yard sale. a lot.
2. eat outside. by candle light.
3. garden. barefoot.
4. visit the Zoo.
5. watch Parker walk.
6. see a Wish granted.
7. roses.
8. more roses.
9. and zinnias.
10. collect new recipes.
11. feed some farm animals.
12. learn to sew.
13. and embroider
14. wander aimlessly.
15. believe.
16. buy books. then make time to read them.
17. find the perfect pair of flip flops
18. date Reed. often.
19. take my kids on a snow cone run
20. and midnight Slurpee expeditions
21. reclaim the storage room.
22. fix a window.
23. paint a door.
24. do some exploring. then have lunch.
25. find the perfect handmade quilt. that I can afford.
26. put up pumpkin puree straight from the garden.
27. eat watermelon. lots.
28. bring home take out.
29. window shop
30. get friendly with a farmer or two.
31. dream.
32. make ice cream.
33. celebrate birthdays.
34. light sparklers. and send up a bottle rocket or two.
35. hit the dollar flicks with my kids.
36. re-purpose somethings old into somethings beautiful.
37. live. inspired.

You know. I think I’m feeling better already.

What are YOU day dreaming about?


  1. Lacey and Jax Mar 25, 09
  2. Lacia & Kaia Mar 26, 09
  3. mum2brady Mar 26, 09
  4. Michelle Mar 27, 09
  5. Paige Mar 27, 09
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