Courage and One Brave Hero

Courage is fear that has said it’s prayers.

~Dorothy Bernard


I know the fear.

I know the prayer.

I think the courage belongs all to Parker.

He truly puts the Brave in Hero.

I received a phone call from my Missionary on Mother’s Day. Oh, how sweet it was to hear his voice.  To hear the absolute joy and happiness in his voice.   I am one very thankful Mama for the courage of this son to serve a worthy mission.

I asked him to tell me more about his daily life.  Share more of his experiences of Long Beach with me.

There was a pause, and then Brant told me that it would be best if he waited until he came home to tell me what life in Long Beach has really been like for him.  He was worried that if I knew how things really were out there that I’d be on the phone to his Mission President demanding a safer area for him to serve in.


He told me that it would have to suffice for me to know that drugs, guns, muggings, gang wars, and worse were situations he deals with each and every day.

Yeah, Brant is showing an incredible courage right now too.

His Mama, however, is tapping into the depths of her faith by not flying out and bringing him straight home.

If any of you live in Long Beach and run into a very tall, very handsome, LDS Missionary from Utah, be kind.  His Mama loves and misses him more than words can say.

Along with his big brother, Parker is also serving a unique Mission here on the earth.  Different circumstances.  But both are teaching the truths of a loving Heavenly Father.   Both are an example of the power of prayer.

Both are making the world a much better place.


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