Connor Boyack and the life of my son.

Many times I’ve been tempted to write the Utah tourism association and explain that they should  change their slogan from ‘Greatest Snow on Earth’ to ‘As long as it’s YOUR kid that has to die then it’s all good.’

Allow me to explain.

On Twitter I follow a few people I don’t totally see eye to eye with politically. For most it’s no biggie. We still banter with good humor.   I figure that it’s always good to try and see a different point of view, and some of these people hold positions of decision over the life or death of my son, or are delegates who get to decide who gets to hold positions that decide the life or death of my son.

Great win-win, huh?  Welcome to Utah.  Where  delegates hold the power, and those parenting medically fragile children with special needs start sweating and wolfing down the TUMS come legislative session time.

The other night I asked a (former?) Utah delegate,  who is very active within Utah’s GOP ,  if he had changed his stand on social safety nets.  Knowing the odds were high he hadn’t, and expecting him to simply reply with a ‘nope!’ and maybe a smiley face,  my chin  fell to the floor when I read his reply.

“As ‘social safety nets rely on coercion and theft, and the violation of life, liberty and property, I will never change my mind”

Um…shoulda really have seen that one coming.

Especially after this took place earlier last Spring.

Years of working to keep Parker alive must have killed off some brain cells, cause I really should have put Mr. Boyack on ignore long ago.

Even so, hiss words  stunned me.

Without Parker’s vent he dies a SLOW and PAINFUL death, I told Connor.  That is not hyperbole, btw.  I’m happy to give you the name and number of Parker’s cardiologist and you can ask him yourself.  Just send me an email.

I’ve gone over and over in my heart about this THEFT that I am supposedly perpetuating.  I’ve prayed about it.  I’ve discussed it with ecclesiastical leaders.  I don’t take Parker’s Travis C. Waiver lightly.

To rub the salt of self-righteousness in even deeper, Mr. Boyack has written a book titled Latter Day Liberty, A Gospel Approach to Government and Politics where he expounds on gems such as:

I’ll be blunt: under the proper system that abolishes Medicaid and relies upon private, charitable assistance as a “social net,” people will die. Needs will go unfulfilled. This happens around the world every day, of course. People die. People suffer. It’s life.

I guess I should just turn in Parker’s vent and watch him die.

Curiously, when I suggested this to Connor, he tells me he has no interest in arguing with me on this issue because I am too emotional. Consummate reply of a guy who knows deep down inside that if it was HIS kid dying he’d abandon his principles faster than any of us could yell HYPOCRITE!

When asked if HE would stand by and watch his child die, the best Mr. Boyack could come up with is that before he accepted any kind of public assistance he would first sell everything he had.

Well, duh. That’s a no brainer.   Connor forgot to mention other realities like relying on friends and family for groceries, or praying that a car that’s been around longer than your oldest child won’t break down on your way to work leaving you stranded without even the cash to spare for a tow, or how to tell your child that the money you had saved for college just went to pay for a piece of medical equipment you’ve gone over your life time limit on, how you pray you never need to call a plumber and you wonder if maybe your other kids just might forget they have birthdays this year.

Stunningly,  no where in the response above did Boyack say he would willing  allow his child to die rather than except a tax dollar stolen from his neighbor.

Here’s the reality, Connor’s principles work only if it’s not HIS kid being asked to die.  I suggest that the state of Utah allow  Connor the freedom to apply his principles to his children, but  offer the rest of us the freedom to risk eternal damnation by accepting help to keep our kid’s body and soul together.

And I don’t know about you, but I want to know how far libertarian my Republican candidate learns, iykwim.

I don’t believe that accepting Parker’s waiver means that I don’t live my religion.    But telling this guy what kind of a  hypocritical ideological extremist he can often be might not earn me many brownie points.

But what does it matter?  Seems as though I’m well on my way to hell anyway.


PS:  I do need to give Mr. Boyack kudos for the fact that he stands by his beliefs.  If I would have had this conversation with Carl Wimmer, he’d have scrubbed his Twitter stream clean by now.  Just sayin’.



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