Communicating with my non-verbal kid.

I’ve changed things up with Parker’s communication invitations lately. They aren’t the the perfectly set up displays I once created.


Instead I have a basket of toys that change every few days. They stay the way Parker last left them, awaiting his return and the next time we spend communicating.



Parker telling me via the iPad which car he wants to drive down the ramp.

I’ve been taking Parker’s cue and when he picks up a toy I join him instead of expecting him to always join me.

We may only work for a few minutes at a time, but we do it several times a day.


Red was his car color of choice.  He used that index finger like a pro to tap that picture on his iPad!

I think it’s helping.

Parker knows when he goes over to his basket of toys that I’ll join him in his play, taking his lead, and then incorporating his iPad.

For some reason I think this makes Parker feel he has control over our ‘conversation sessions.’ That’s okay, cause in reality Parker has very little control over so much in his life.

I’m all for anything that encourages this kid to tell me what he’s thinking.


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