The Little Boy Who Changed Christmas

Reed and I were just talking about how our celebration of Christmas has  changed.

It was after Parker joined our family that we began to apply the idea of less is more to our spending this time of year.  It was different buying less and less.  We made the choice to no longer participate in many expected traditions, that instead of making merry just tended to make us tired.  And frustrated.  And sharp with each other.

A little boy with Down syndrome laughing.

I amplified this less is more idea when I sold most of my decorations at Parker’s yard sale this summer. I was actually nervous when I recently got out the Christmas boxes. Yet even with so much less stuff, it turned out to be just right.


A little boy with special needs in the snow.

I should have figured it out sooner, this true meaning of Christmas.   Simple.  Family oriented.  A Savior born.

I should have had the courage to have done  things differently long ago.  Instead I allowed myself to follow the crowd.


A little boy with special needs in the snow.

Christmas isn’t about how much money you have to spend.  It’s about how much love you have to give.  Love and family relationships are two of the few things you actually can take with you when you leave this world.


A little boy with special needs in the snow with his brother.

I’m going to strive today to be a better example of  how the highest priorities of the season……or of any day……. need to be fostered, not purchased.

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