Childhood Hunger in America

Imagine walking into your child’s classroom and knowing that 1 in every 3 of those kids were having to go hungry. In some midwestern states those are the statistics.

Yup, right smack dab in our own backyards.

Despite  food stamps and  community outreach programs,  the USDA reports that 17 million Americans went hungry last year.  Combined this means an estimated total of 49 million people are dealing with food insecurity in our country alone.

One out of every FIVE children in the United States goes without enough to eat.  A jump from one in six last year.  Children are going hungry at an alarming rate.   And until recently our President had not clue one.

Hunger in America is an everyday emergency, not one  requiring attention only once or twice a year.  Hunger in this country has been going up steadily since 2007, and you can bet it’s going to get worse way before it ever gets better.

Now here’s the real kicker.  How much money did Obama give to the too big to fail banking institutions?  The very institutions, btw, that contributed heavily to his  campaign coffers?

You know the banks I’m talking about.  The  banks jacking up credit card rates to 29%.  The same banks giving out giant bonuses instead of paying back the loans received from the taxpayers of the United States of America.

(Starting January 1st, 30,000 American each and every day will start losing ALL their unemployment benefits, while bankers on Wall Street will be receiving over 30 billion in year in bonuses.)

We are governed by an entity that breaks it’s neck to remove risk from those most able to shoulder it (and who knowingly created it) and then leave those with the least ability to fight back dealing with the resulting damage.

A government that allows one in every five of it’s most helpless citizens go to bed hungry should be ashamed, plain and simple.

These facts are a year old.  Yet they took President Obama totally unaware.  Um, isn’t that your JOB, Mr. President,  to know when millions of your citizens are hungry and without food?  Shouldn’t that take priority over pretty much everything else?

In his defense, Mr. Obama found the information from the USDA “very unsettling” and he vowed to reverse the trend of rising hunger.

I wouldn’t hold your breath, boys and girls.

The reasons I share how we garden, cook from scratch, yard sale, coupon and stock our food storage room isn’t to flex my Martha Muscles, but because our government is failing miserably at providing for the most basic needs of it’s citizens- items as basic as food for it’s children.

Not to mention healthcare.

While I can’t change the way our government thinks, I can change the way I think and act.  And so can you.  Our country is going to need  more gardens, more  learning how to cook from scratch, how to put food by, and how to make their grocery budget stretch much, much further.

Out of curisosity Mr. Obama, what did your kids have for dinner last night?  When was the last time a member of your family had to go to bed hungry?

Just wonderin’.

An excellent article on this same topic:  More Americans Than Ever Experiencing Food Insecurity.

ps: Have you seen the WalMart commercials where they proudly tell of increasing their line of Great Value products so that you can feed your family for $2.00 a person?   What. a. crock.    By using basic ingredients and cooking from scratch you not only feed your family for less than $2.oo per person, but you can offer them much healthier meals as well.


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