‘Cause We Need A Little Christmas

Parker’s cardiologist just called.

He wants to schedule Parker for a right heart cath.  Yesterday.

I very calmly told him that our family needed a little Christmas in our lives right now.

More than anything else, we need some family time, looking at Christmas lights, making gingerbread houses, and sending our wish lists to Santa.

I agreed to a clinic appointment in January where we could then discuss right heart caths.

But until then, we need a little joy. A little magic. A little time to remember the gift of a Savior and prepare ourselves for a brand new year.

We’re decking the halls:


You have no idea how many times this tree has been redecorated.  Seems as though a certain Brave Hero thinks it’s his job to swipe and hide as many ornaments as possible.


Remembering what the season is all about.


Reed’s Dad made this entire set by hand.


Believe is our family motto. You’ll find reminders stashed all over our house, especially during the holidays.


See that red plate?


One of my many Christmas decorating yard sale scores. My favorite kind!


Each year the Blue Eyed Girl counts down to the big day using this Santa Advent Calendar.


It’s a simple set up. Little red hearts set on little nails. Works for us!


Beginning with our first Christmas as a married couple, I’ve collected Santas. One a year. I try to date each one. Memories, baby. Memories.


I plan on our family experiencing lots and lots and lots of this in 2011.


One of my favorites.


The Blue Eyed girl had a flute recital on Saturday.


She rocked the house!  Kenny holds second chair in the Jr. High band.  She’s working hard to dethrone the 9th grade that keeps the first chair warm.  I have no doubt she’ll do it.  This girl is serious about her music!

So, what about you?  Are you in need of a little Christmas right now too?  How are you bringing a bit of the season into YOUR home.  Feel free to leave a comment AND link in the comment section below.


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