Cause Every Girl Needs A Few Really Good Friends…….

My sweet friend Melody shared this with me:


But what really touched my heart were these words:

My Friends are the Oscars of My Soul award is heading straight over to Tammy of Praying for Parker. Over the past year I have come to know Tammy, Parker and their family and simply stand in awe.

Parker is a child with many medical problems and has been in a medically fragile state his entire life. Living a life of struggle to keep Parker alive while simultaneously fighting an insurance company who sees no need to meet Parker’s medical needs WHILE raising five other children, Tammy manages to stay in touch with me. She is supportive and genuinely concerned about what our current issues may be and always has an ear and shoulder for me. I think she’d give me a kidney if I asked.

Tammy, I wish I had a gold statue to present. Actually, I would sell it and donate the money to Parker’s medical fund. I would hold back a little to buy you something really beautiful and frivolous just because. Tammy, hugs, love and a big ole thanks for being a friend.

What Melody doesn’t mention is the amazing friend she has been to me over the last couple of years. She hosted an online fund raising event for Parker. Has prayed with me for guidance and has constantly been a source of inspiration. I owe her a lot.

One of the hardest things about taking care of Parker is being home pretty much 24/7. I miss my friends. I miss my walking buddy. My gardening buddies. My scrap booking group. The time spent volunteering in my kids’ classrooms.

I miss the spur of the moment ‘Girl’s Time Out’ with both my daughters and my friends. I miss catching up with what is going on and being there to cheer on my girlfriends.

I even miss teaching yet another Relief Society class. :) I’m pretty sure I passed the 90-bijillion lesson mark quite some time ago.

I know that this is my season to tend to Parker and his health. And I am grateful for an amazing husband who works incredibly hard and supports me staying home to do just this.

But it is soooo nice to know I still have friends out there and they know how much I love them.

I’m sending this over to Christie at Brady’s Bunch. Christie is and IRL friend that has helped to guide my way with Parker. Brady is two years older than Parker and is blazing a path that I hope Parker can one day follow. We love you guys!


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