Catching Up

What we now know:

Parker has a rip roaring case of C-diff. We don’t know how long he has had it. You know it is kind of sad when your cardiologist is thrilled to discover that your child has C-diff because that could, possibly, be the cause of his higher BNP.

Parker has been losing blood through his stoma. It is most likely the reason he is always so anemic and doesn’t tend to grow. aaaarrrggghhh! His stoma is very, very inflamed. It bleeds very easily and it shouldn’t. Since I have only seen one stoma in all of my life I had no idea what was and was not normal. I have shown his stoma to his doctors and told them about the bleeding and they didn’t see an issue either. We will be seeing the surgeon who created the stoma to see how we need to proceed.

Parker has satted really well today. But they just put his cpap on about thirty minutes ago. His O2 is lower than I would like it even though they have upped his O2 with his cpap. He REALLY needs to sat beautifully tonight as tomorrow they will be pulling yet another BNP.

Tomorrow morning at 9:00 MST Parker will be having that procedure where they, you know, STOP HIS HEART to see what is going on in his upper respiratory area. I have expressed my concern about the anestheologist who is performing this proceedure having NEVER done this before. My ENT promised to get things worked out in the morning before the procedure.

The food allergy testing is still pending.

The blood transfusion brought Parker’s crit up to 36. It would be better at 40, but we will pull another crit tomorrow and see how it looks. Parker looks TONS better today.

If you have a minute would you please pray for a better BNP for Parker and for him to make it through having to have his HEART STOPPED with no harm befalling him. We are hoping they will find something FIXABLE during this MRI.

After Parker’s MRI he will have the test to see if he has CF.

Bet you wish your life was as exciting as ours, huh? sigh…………..

Parker and I were also thrilled to have 2 friends dropped by and visit. Thank you SO much Chrisite and Pam. :) It was so nice to have such a wonderful time where I wasn’t freaking out about tomorrow.

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