Catching Up

Parker is officially up 3/4 of a pound. Yea! Parker!

Mom is officially down 12 pounds. Yea! Tammy!

Parker had a nurse today and so my Mom stopped by to grab me for lunch and a trip to Costco where she proceeded to stock me up on some more fruits and veggies. You can’t begin to believe the amount of fruits and veggies a girl can go through when on Weight Watchers. My wonderful family has been so supportive. Reed and the kids are eating the lean meats, fish, brown rice and piles of veggies right along with me. I’m sure they are sneaking in some contraband here and there, but as long as it isn’t around me it’s all good.

Reed is even being a great sport about not having any Dr. Peppers in the house any more. Now THAT my friends is true love. :)

I also got a letter and some pictures from my Missionary! These SO made my day:

This is the young man that leads the music in the ward that Brant is serving in. And, yup, he has Down syndrome. Brant was very excited to share this picture with me!


Carrying on the family tradition of dyeing Easter Eggs:

With a friend at the MTC: (Brant is on the right)


Letting me know exactly what he thought of the food at the MTC:


The Mission President took all of the new Missionaries golfing on their first P-Day. That is Brant and his companion on the right. He is from Peru. Brant’s companion speaks next to no English. Brant’s Spanish is still pretty new. Brant has had to learn Spanish…….FAST! lol!


Yeah. My kids take their sports VERY seriously. And competitive? You better believe it.


Sigh…….let’s see. Brant will be home in….uh…..20 months. I hope my heart can last that long.


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