Buying Artwork at Yard Sales

I love yard sales.  I keep a list all year long of items to look for during the next yard sale season.  This summer my list included artwork for my walls.  I scored and scored big.  woot!  Most of the 5 items I purchased I only needed to clean up some.  But  two of the prints I purchased needed more.

See that long strand of yuck hanging off this frame?  Well, both frames were covered in it..  Along with a bug or two for good measure.  Experience with purchasing at yard sales has taught me that often there’s magic under the bugs.  This time was no exception.

Both pictures had been professionally framed and double matted.  Alas, the forest green matting screamed 1980 and was incredibly bleached out.  I knew I’d have to replace the matting when I opened up the frames to clean everything.

Unfortunately, pre-cut mats in this size only came in black. Not the color I needed. Then there was the issue of mats this size running over $20.00 EACH.  Custom mats were much more expensive.  BOTH options were totally out of my budget.

Luckily I have me some major spray paint love under my belt.

A quick trip to the store and a can of Krylon paint later and all was well.  $3.49 cents WAS in my budget for updating these pictures.  Score!

A HUGE tip:  When spray painting, go with LIGHT coats.  Trust me on this one, k?  LIGHT coats.  It’s a spray painter’s mantra.

BTW, can you tell what color I went with?

While my mats were drying I went in to start cleaning the frames and made a cool discovery!  What I thought would be poster type prints, we actually ORIGINAL hand painted water colors.   They are GORGEOUS!  Talk about a score!

These would have cost MUCH more than the $4.00 I paid (frames and mats included!) at a yard sale.

I simply love how these turned out.

Because of the lighting in here I can’t get a decent shot of these beauties.  You’ll just have to trust me…..they are gorg!

These look so much better in real life.  My camera just isn’t doing them justice. Frustrating.  Oh, well. Now to decide if I should paint the frames or not.  hmmmmm….

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