We put Parker on the scale today and hoped for the best.


We were disappointed to say the least. He is down to 23.5 which is way below where he needs to be. We’ve been working on trying to get this kid up at least .5 of a pound for the last who knows how long.

His g-tube is leaking significant amounts. We placed a new tube yesterday hoping to solve the problem. But it is still leaking. Leaking enough to soak his shirt and the top of his diaper.

We put the jet fuel in but it simply streams out from around his g-tube stoma.

I have a call into PCMC, but most likely won’t hear back until tomorrow evening.

Anyone with any g-tube experience?

My neighbor brought her sweet little guy over to meet Parker today. Just a quick ‘how do ya do’ on our back porch. I was struck by the difference between her little guy and Parker. At over a year younger than Parker this cutie is chunky, plump and tan.

I couldn’t help but notice how unhealthy Parker looked in comparison.

So, we are asking for prayers today. Our Brave Hero has a surgery this month, next month and then the month after he has his MAJOR surgery, which is the second part of his pull-through.

Specifically, we are asking for help in solving his g-tube issues. Help in gaining weight. And help in just Parker’s overall health.

And the wisdom to know how to pay for it all.

You know. All the usual stuff.


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