Booklists and a Heavy Heart

I get sweet emails asking what Parker needs and if it would be alright to purchase something to send to Parker.

While I so appreciate these offers, I always feel funny telling people what Parker needs or wants. I don’t want people to think that I blog for stuff. That’s not why I share Parker’s story.

So after some contemplation, I thought that I would share what I have on Parker’s booklist with you.

This will serve two purposes:

First it would answer the question I receive a lot about what kind of books I choose for Parker.

Second it will supply an answer for those who wonder what people might purchase Parker. (Okay. I’ve written and deleted this sentence about 6 times now. Really. This is hard. sigh. )

Parker adores books. It isn’t unusual for us to read 20-30 stories a day to Parker, especially when he is sick like he has been these last few days. And I try to match books to subjects we are studying during homeschooling time.

Many, if not most of these books are available used on Amazon for just a couple of dollars plus shipping charges. We loved used. We adore used. Used is beautiful.

Listen, Listen

If Kisses Were Colors

A Child’s First Counting Book

ABC: A Child’s First Alphabet Book

Picture This

I Took the Moon for a Walk

How to Paint a Portrait of a Bird




The Circle of Seasons


Spring is Here

When Spring Comes

Inch by Inch

Spring’s Sprung

What’s This?

James and the Rain

When the Wind Stops

Some of you have asked what type of diapers we are using now. Parker has grown out of his Happy Heinys. Which a good and bad thing. We’re glad that he is growing, but sad to grow out of these much loved diapers.

We are planning on sending these diapers to Miracle Diapers, a non profit company that gifts diapers to families in need. Trust me when I say there are many more families in need of diapers than there are diapers to be gifted from Miracle Diapers.

Right now we use mostly prefolds that were gifted to us from our friend Karin. But prefolds are kind of tricky for Reed to use, and a bit cumbersome for when we go up to PCMC, etc. For those times we are starting to use Fuzzi Bunz in a size large. These fit up to 40 pounds and just seem to be fitting Parker’s unique sizing the best.

We did meet with Rep. Dougall and his wife last night. I’ll share with you how the evening went soon. I’m a bit discombobulated at best today.

Parker scared the beejeebers out of us a little while ago by very suddenly spiking a fever of almost 103. We’re keeping a close watch on him to say the least. We did take him to the doctor yesterday and the verdict was a virus.

Unfortunately a virus for a trached kid with severe pulmonary hypertension can be grim. One virus landed Parker in the PICU for several weeks a few years ago.

Finally, I wanted to thank all of you who sent up prayers and sweet thoughts for Reed’s Dad. Reed received a phone call from his brother Terry this morning letting us know that Grandpa had passed away. It was a gentle and quiet passing that took place while Reed’s Dad was sleeping. For this we are truly grateful. The thought of him struggling with this transition was a burden on our hearts.

Reed’s heart is hurting. He loved and admired his Dad and is committed to carrying on all of the wonderful teachings he learned from being his father’s son.

Brant was able to say goodbye to his Grandpa by phone yesterday. We were told by Brant’s Mission President that today Brant had the opportunity to bear his testimony of the plan of salvation and his knowledge that families are indeed forever. He shared his love for his Grandpa with others in the room.

The spirit was strong and many hearts were touched.

We are so grateful for this as well.


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