BlogHop ’09


While I would have luuuurved strutting my stuff at ‘BlogHer’09 finances were an issue.

That and being here to make sure my my youngest son, Parker  stays alive.

Sound melodramatic? It’s not.

What it is though, is worth it.

This kid is a blessing wrapped up in all kinds sweet and adorable.

With a miracle filling.

Instead I’m begging all my friends to spread the word about the amazingness of children with special needs to all The Brands that will be also attending BlogHer.

Because my passion in life is building bridges between those with typical kids and those who have kids labeled as special.   We are way more alike than you may think.  And that goes for our kids too.

A Bit About Me:

Mom to six.
Raising my special needs kid in a typical world.
Wife to a man who can still curl my toes even after 23 years.

I’ve lived in Turkey and Germany and visited many other countries.  I call Utah home now.

Will be homeschooling Parker this year. (Feel free to leave any great hs links in the comments!)

Parker and I are the editors at 5 Minutes For Special Needs. And we write some at 5 Minutes For Mom too.

Here’s hoping you’ll bookmark us and keep in touch!  We’ll be doing the same!


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