Blog Sponsors and PR People: Here’s a Clue

Each year the big names from the blogosphere get together and host conferences.  Or if you go by some bloggers descriptions conference is code for all-nighters where both restraint and underwear are optional.

Just goin’ by what I’ve been told folks.

Maybe you’ve heard of these:


Mom 2.0 Summit


Chicks Who Click

When THESE Mommy Bloggers get their conference on you can bet the Big Boys from the Big Companies take notice.

The Big Boys even sponsor some of these Mommies (pay for them to attend) these conferences in return for some product pimping.  Also known as cheap advertising sure to reach the blogging masses and their wallets.

Companies such as:

Disney, Sony Music, Crocs, Little Debbie Snack Cakes and Wal-Mart. Which represents just a teen tiny tip of the cheap advertising via conference sponsoring that goes on in the blogosphere.

Yet, these same companies tend to ignore requests of sponsorships for special needs bloggers to attend special needs conferences.

Such as the National Down Syndrome Congress.

Imagine the bridges that could be built. The information shared. The lives changed if Big Name Companies were as willing to  suck up cater to special needs parents the way they are to typical parents.

Especially in the wake the 1 trillion dollars worth of spending the special needs niche represents.

Are you listening Big Boys?

While a typical parent may purchase an item strictly for it’s fun value, a special needs parent sees the therapy value as well.  And is thus willing to shell out even more cash in hopes of capturing the interest of their child.

Many special needs parents purchase Disney videos because they are one of the few things their non-mobile, non verbal child has to fill the hours with.

Wal-Mart, how much of your gross income comes via families of children with special needs?  I’d bet we  keep your pharmacies alone in the green.

Crocs, we aren’t simply looking for a free pair of shoes.  We’re looking for you to recognize the advocacy power you weld as you stand beside the special needs community and we champion each other.

Sony, do you understand the value of music in the life of a child with special needs? S

The charity giveaways are wonderful.  And they are appreciated.  But let’s face it, your company looks good as it’s philanthropy rating sky rockets.   And I suspect these events help out in the form of tax breaks too.

But how about some respect? Some recognition of our support in your growth and success. Include us in the main fold instead of segregating us to that ‘those poor kids‘ bubble.

* Will there be Mommy Bloggers at NDSC? Yup. By the hundreds.

* Will there be lovers of Big Brand Names at NDSC? Absolutely.

* Will there be those who have spent their hard earned money on Big Name Brands? Hell, yes.

*Will news and commentary be provided?  Why, yes it will.

And I can promise that the information blogged  from the National Down Syndrome Conference will last much longer and do more good than the hangovers or free hamburgers being blogged about any place else.


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