Blog Resurrection

One of my goals for this summer was to try and see if I could breathe some new life into this old blog.  A Resurrection of sorts.  I find myself wondering how I ever had time to blog at all.  This old body of mine is slowing down by the millisecond.  I’ve been walking in the mornings and trying to give up the caffeine in hopes that I will feel a little bit better.  I’m still hoping.


Reed picked up a second job for the summer.  This husband of mine works and works and then comes home and works some more.  He’s serious in his determination to one day finally pay off Parker, while still making sure the mortgage gets paid.


Rigel is now serving in the Seattle LDS Mission.

LDS Missionary


It seems to have been pretty great so far.  Rigel’s first companion went to High School with him and lives not too far away.  I’m thinking Heavenly Father must have had a hand in that one, and for that I am grateful.

A little boy with Down syndrome and his sister

Kenny ended the school year with yet another 4.0 and the desire to join our High School’s marching band.  She’s picked up TWO summer jobs and is pretty much setting the world on fire all by herself.

McCall received her second scholarship to BYU, this one being a full ride for Fall Semester.  Again, thankful.

a little boy with down syndrome

We took Parker to school the week after his last ECHO and while he LOVED being there, he paid for it by being sick the last THREE weeks.  He’s down about 2 pounds, which on his already chicken legged frame makes him look like nobody has been feeding him for years.  Speaking of feeding, I have a new blenderized blend for Parker that I’ll share later.

He’s just starting to feel better and today will be the second day of full feeds for him.  Let’s hope he continues to keep it all down so we can build this body up again.

a little boy with special needs and his sister

Parker has several procedures on the 24th.  He will have a sedated ABR, get his ears fitted for hearing aides, a BRONCH and a BRAVO placed.  There is still some reason that Parker’s Pulmonary Hypertension levels are not coming down anymore.  It has both our Cardiologist as well as our Pulmonologist scratching their heads a bit. Could it be a drug interaction that is cancelling out the effects of one of Parker’s PH meds?  Could he still be refluxing over his trach and aspirating on that?  These questions run through my mind NON STOP and I find myself praying that they are able to find SOMETHING to address.

The garden is in and doing so well!  We added an asparagus patch and hope it will be a great source of veggies for Parker’s blend. Speaking of blenderized diets, Parker has a new blend that I will share later.

I still find my jaw dropping at how quickly the price of food is going up.  Meat and dairy especially.  Usually by now I’m seeing watermelons for under .50 cents a pound.  While .49 cents is still under fifty, I don’t consider that to be such a great savings.

I’m hoping to be able to get Parker out a bit more this summer.  I’d love for him to have the ability to experience the world more during the non-sick season.  I’ve been hoping that I could get him into Courage Reins, a horse therapy program.  Unfortunately these programs are expensive and I’m not sure the budget can handle this.

We WERE able to take Parker to the Living Planet Aquarium.  He loved it.  We hope to take him back for one of their up close and personal Penguin Adventures!

What are your plans for the summer?  I’ve love to get some good ideas!




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