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A blenderized diet is receiving more and more respect these days.  Instead of a hospital dietician giving you the stink eye when you mention that you create your kids formula, we’ve been met with nods of encouragement when we talk about Parker’s blenderized diet.

I received a BD question the other day and I thought it was an interesting one:

My son is a tubie from kidney transplant and we have been doing BD for 3 years now.  I have just recently started dehydrating foods to store.  I typically make his full blend and then pour onto the fruit roll trays and then grind the dried food into powder.   Have you had any success doing that?  Just trying to connect with others that have done so maybe we can come up with the best way to do it.

While I have dehydrated fruits and veggies to use in Parker’s blend, I’ve never dehydrated his entire blend, and then ground it into a powder to be stored until needed.  Has anyone else?

Beans and Protien for Blenderized Diets

I tend to freeze most of our fruits and veggies and then just pull them out when needed.  I do the same with cooked grains and proteins. 

I know people who will blend an entire month’s worth of food, freeze it in daily portions and then pull the portions out as needed.

How do you create your Blenderized Diet?


PS:   We made it through the latest round of stuff needed to be done under anesthesia.  It’s been a week and Parker has almost forgiven me.  Phew.  We weren’t able to do the ABR because the day before we took him in for a Tympanogram and he flat lined it….in both ears. It’s been a week now and Parker is almost talking to me again.  sigh.

PSS:   We’ve made it through some pretty stressful stuff at the Hodson House and I’m hoping to get back on track with the blogging thing again.  Sometimes a break is just what a girl needs.

PSSS: I’m hoping to do a review on one of the new shelf stable brands of blenderized diets.

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