Blenderized Diet for G-tube Fed Kids

Blenderized Diet for G-tube fed kids has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for Parker.  This is one Brave Hero who simply didn’t gain on prepared formulas.  I love how I can custom create his menu each and every day.  I’m a big believer in eating a huge variety and a blenderized diet for g-tube fed kids makes that possible.

I was excited to find these organic beans by Tru Roots at Costco.  They are inexpensive and easy to cook up as you don’t have to pre-soak them.

Blenderized Diets for g-tube fed kids

I’ve read that sprouting your legumes before cooking them increases their nutritional value. It’s one step that I really never found time for, so being able to grab them already sprouted was a plus!

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I spent some time cooking up legumes and grains for Parker’s blenerized diet. I chose Spelt, Millet, and Buckwheat.

Grains for Blenderized Diets

I like to cook up my legumes and grains with garlic, carrots and organic celery and onions, and sea salt.    The more nutrition I can cram in the better.

I’ve had people comment on the cost of creating an organic blendrized diet for g-tube fed kids.  I won’t deny it.  It is expensive.  I easily spend 1/4 of my monthly grocery budget on Parker’s blenderized diet.  However, this is one way that I can directly influence Parker’s health.  That alone is priceless to me. I have written on how to make your child’s blenderized diet cheaper.

If I can figure out how to do this on OUR grocery budget which is lower than anyone elses that I know of, chances are you can figure out how to do it on yours.

Cooking Grains for a Blenderized Diet

When I cook a blenderized diet for a g-tube fed kid, I use way more water than I would if I was cooking them for the rest of my family. I want them to absorb as much water as possible.

The reason?

Grains and legumes can really thicken up a blend making it impossible to get through the g-tube tubing.  That’s important to remember when creating your blenderized diet for your g-tube fed kid.

Beans and Protien for Blenderized Diets

Here is everything all cooked up and stored in Mason jars.  I prefer to store in glass when I can simply because Parker has enough plastic in the forms of tubing and the like in his life.

I’ll keep some in the fridge to use in the next few days and the rest I’ll freeze.  I make sure to leave some really good head space when I freeze my grains and legumes, this prevents my mason jar from cracking.

I also cooked up some local, organic ground steak for Parker.  I put that in small Rubbermaid containers in individual serving sizes.

I’ve written more about my love of blenderized diets for g-tube fed kids HERE and HERE.  Go take a look and then come back with any questions in the comments section below.


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