Blenderized Diet and a g-tube fed kid.

I had to make a run to our local health food store today.  I needed to pick up a few essentials for Parker’s blenderized diet.  Goat milk.  Goat milk yogurt.  A not quite week’s worth of apples and oranges, a gallon on milk for my other kids and a bottle of distilled water.

The cost?

$43.00 dollars.


Now you may be thinking that if I was dumb enough to shop at a health food store then I deserved the mind numbing price tag.


The organic apples I picked up were the same price as the ones I grabbed at Wal-Mart last week.  The organic oranges were a few cents more expensive.  The distilled water was actually cheaper than WalMart’s prices.  I will admit the cow’s milk was more expensive than at a grocery store, but still about sixes when compared to having to face the mobs at the grocery store or Walmart.

goat milk for a blenderized diet

The real zinger on this bill was the goat’s milk.   I use a local brand that is delivered by one of the actual owner’s of the goat farm in Draper.  It’s not organic, but it is local and pasturized…..and expensive.

When I first started buying the goat milk yogurt last summer it was $5.50 a quart.  It’s now almost a dollar more.  It lasts Parker less than a week.

I usually purchase goat milk from the same local farm in half gallon sizes.  They were out of that today, and so I had to purchase another brand for $6.99 a quart.  Yup.  A quart.

This health food store is the only store I know of that carries this local brand of goat milk and goat milk yogurt.  There are other brands of goat milk yogurt, but the price is pretty much the same and not many of them come in just plain.  Most of them are flavored with some sort of sugar, which I totally understand because I can’t fathom eating plain goat milk yogurt by mouth.  *shiver*

I spent $21.00 on just the dairy part of Parker’s blenderized diet to last about a week.  Which means just the dairy part of his diet for a month is close to $80.00.

I’m going to need to go back to making kefir and yogurt instead of purchasing ready made yogurt.  I started purchasing the yogurt last summer when we were having such issues with Parker’s stomach and his diagnosis of ulcerative colitis.

Probiotics are so important when your kid has ulcerative colitis, and so I was kind of excited to find one of Parker’s GI recommended probiotics on Amazon for less than the Align I was picking up each month at Costco for $50.00, thank you very much.

Every little bit helps these days.

Especially when I noticed the price on a small bunch of Rainbow Chard.  $1.89.  $1.89 for enough chard to last Parker two days.  Yet another reason why I garden and freeze and dehydrate.

One of my Facebook friends told me that where she lives she can get FOUR bottles of soda for LESS than a head of lettuce.

A head of lettuce, people.

Regardless of price increases, this blenderized diet is worth every penny.  I’ll continue to juggle the budget, pull out all my frugal black belt tricks, and put in whole lot of gardening time to make sure we can pull it off for Parker.

Do you have something, maybe a bit out of the ordinary, like a blenderized diet,  that you really believe helps your child’s health and are willing to put forth whatever it takes to continue to provide it?


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