Because Rough Happens (Over and over and over…….)

Well, we were supposed to blow this joint today.

Because from a Nissen standpoint Parker is good to go.

But I have yet to have a satisfactory answer to Parker’s trach sizing staying the same.    The surgical resident feels that I should just take Parker home and try to get in touch with the ENT and Pulmo on Monday.

Because all I’d need to do is leave a message and these two would be sure to call be right back.

And if you believe THAT I’ve got some sweet swamp land with you name all over it.

I can’t begin to express my frustration with an ENT Resident that won’t even stop by to consult with me.

Or the head of the Palmer team that didn’t realize that just becuase Parker can handle 48 mls an hour of a continuous feed doesn’t mean that he can handle his daily bolus requirement.

What?  Can’t you just leave him on  24 hour continuous feeds, the head of Palmer team asks.

Idiot, thinks Parker’s Mama.

Because Parker is being followed by three teams, ENT, Pulmo, and Surgery we have been pretty much totally ignored.

How can that be, you ask?

Easy.  Each team figures the other team will address any issues.   Which of course totally seals the fact that nobody is going to throw any effort our way.

Because I don’t want to take this kid home with a trach leak twice the size he came with WITHOUT TAKING TO SOMEBODY WHO HAS A CLUE, we are staying another night.

They are going to hook up a machine to Parker’s vent tonight.  This machine will provide us with more indepth info on Parker’s current vent settings.

And then tomorrow I can see the ENT and Pulmo face to face.

Not to mention we can begin a trial run of bolus feeds.

I’ve reached the end of my rope.  According to the night nurses I spent a lot of time last night crying out and talking in my sleep.   This is a sure sign that my both my emotional and physical state has hit rock bottom.

I can’t imagine why………


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