Because Leaving a Child to Rot in the System is Always Better….

A friend of mine,  a smart, politically active Mama of many kids with special needs (both by birth and adoption) felt the claws of ignorance yesterday on her Facebook page.

This Mama, who is looking at running for local office, was accused of having adopted kids with special needs and now was not only leaving them to run for public office, but had (gasp!) also been receiving government money to help care for these children.

My friend sweetly explained the reality of her situation, including the fact that she had never received any money for any of her kids with special needs either adopted or born to her.   She also explained that she had the backing of her husband and family as she tested the waters of running for office.

This Mama to 24, totally supports the Medicaid that kids with medical issues and special needs receive.  While she’s totally against the waste, fraud and abuse of the general Medicaid system, she knows that Medicaid received by kids like Parker has remained stable over the years, and itsn’t the reason of the budget breaking issues we are having today.

What really struck me though, is the accuser’s  thinking that if a parent adopted a child with special needs, mental illness, or medical issues they should be chastised for accepting  any support from the state in this child’s care.

In other words, that child should be left in the care of the government and denied the opportunity to experience the love of a forever home, before you accept government assistance when adopting him.

A little heads up to my friend’s accuser. It costs the government MUCH more for a child to be institutionalized.   A family adopting a child out of the system, even with the Medicaid, costs the government substantially less.

But according to my friend’s accuser, by accepting that Medicaid, you lose your right to call yourself a Patriot.

While I have no problems not being a member of this particular club of Patriots, I do find it impossible to understand letting a kid rot within the system, rather than supporting the family adopting, AND the Medicaid that would come with the child entering that home.

Those who choose (from their nice, warm homes) to make their sanctimoniuous stand on the backs of children  should lose their right to call themselves a human being.


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