Because God really does listen.

Friday is THE day.

The day Parker goes in for his right heart cath.

The day they thread a probe up a vein via his groin into his heart and through his lungs.

All while his Mama sits in the waiting room experiencing a bit of a nervous breakdown.

Our track record with right heart caths really isn’t all that great.

Parker’s first cath showed pressures at 117.    His second came in at about 58.

Normal is under 25.

Parker’s cardiologist was disappointed after the last cath.  So much hope had been carried on Parker’s pressures receding after his trach being placed.


There are some great blessings to hold on to this time though.

Parker’s EKG showed progress for the very first time ever this Spring.

Parker’s been able to maintain his crit all. by. himself.

Parker is officially this close to weighing 29 pounds.

Parker is up and walking and climbing and making messes of all sizes and sorts.

But I’m still going to be asking for prayers.  Lots and lots of them.

Prayers for Parker to make it through this cath safely.  Prayers that Parker might be blessed with good news.  A confirmation of his health improving.  Of his spirit being a little more firmly secured on this earthly domain.

Because I know, absolutely and positively know, that God really does listen.


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