Back Where He Belongs……


He started spiking a fever just an hour or so ago. We’ll need to keep a close eye on that.


But he is in good spirits and oh so thrilled to be home.

I’ve got several phone calls and appointments to make. We’ve already received a call wanting to know if we would like to use our credit card to pay some of the out of pocket expenses from this surgery and PICU stay.

I politely declined. Really. Who pays a bill without first seeing a statement? And spending a few frantic days……or MONTHS trying to figure out where to get the funds from. Not to mention the time needed to appeal the lousy amount my insurance will first want to try to get away with paying.

In the PICU it was discovered that Parker is still seriously obstructing when he sleeps. And that his apnea episodes are still alive and well. His vent needs some major tweaking and there is no doubt another sleep study in our Brave Hero’s immediate future.

But right now we are just going to focus on the good. And take a moment to feel the joy:



I’ve had many inquires about the various fundraisers going on for Parker right now. When I get a minute I’ll update all of them in a new post.

Today is a day to be thankful.

And that is just what I plan on doing.


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