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One of the best things I started doing with Parker is wearing him in our Mei Tai. Considering the fact that where Parker goes there also goes a cord connected to an oxygen tank it only makes sense to have my hands as free as possible. Plus Parker absolutely adores being worn. He is close to me which makes him fee secure. He has a perfect view of the world around him and is comfy enough to take a quick nap if he so chooses.

I wear Parker when I take him up to Primary Children’s hospital. I get smiles of how cute Parker is and how pretty our Mei Tai is. And if they are secretly thinking what in the heck an old lady like me is doing wearing a baby strapped to her, well they don’t let on at all. 😉

One of the best benefits of wearing Parker is when he isn’t feeling well. The movement of my body is soothing to him and I have noticed that even when his heart rate has been high, being close to me helps to regulate both of our heart rates so that they tend to beat in unison. That is such a beautiful feeling.

As a girl can never have too many ways to carry her most precious cargo, I was excited to learn that Steph, from Adventures in Babywearing, is having a contest to give away a new carrier design called the Podonbutai created by Jen at All Natural Mommies.

Let me share with you a little about this new carrier design straight from Steph’s site:

Never before has there been a fusion of traditional carriers until… The Podonbutai! I am more than excited to reveal this awesome creation by Jenn at All Natural Mommies. The Podonbutai is named accordingly: pod for podeagi, onbu for onbuhimo, and tai for mei tai! I think I am in love! Whether you are a professional babywearer or new to wearing your babies, this is a MUST HAVE!

If you are wondering just how this is even possible to wear such a combination, the Podonbutai can be worn as either a podeagi, onbuhimo, or mei tai!

Pretty impressive, eh? So hop on over to Steph’s and Jen’s and take a look.

And then, keep your fingers crossed for us, ok?


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