Aspiration pneumonia, blue food dye and one Brave Hero



We took Parker down again for his blood work yesterday.  To make things a little more exciting we added on a chest x-ray too. Any night now and we are going to look over and discover Parker glowing in the dark.

The blood work came back looking beautiful with a BNP level of 27.

The x-ray came back with a surprise aspiration pneumonia.

Okay.  Maybe not such a surprise with all of the crap we’ve been hauling out of Parker’s lungs and how high his resting heart rate has been.

In order to discover if the issue is Parker refluxing on his food (stuff coming from his stomach up) or  if it is something that he is swallowing (spit, mucus) we are putting blue dye into all of his food for the next few days.


Blue formula.  blech.

If we find blue in Parker’s trach, then we know that Parker is refluxing on his feeds.  If we don’t find blue in Parker’s trach then we’ll know that he is aspirating on his saliva or sinus drainage.  We already know that Parker aspirates on his saliva, so my money is on that being the culprit.

About a year ago Parker had a surgery where his epiglottis was tented over his airway to help protect him from aspirating on thin liquids.  The ENT is thinking that we might need to go back and tack things down a little tighter.

Anyone want to place a wager on the color of Parker’s poop tomorrow?


Snoring through a nebulizer treatment.  Due to all the smoke from the fires that are still burning around here, we’ve really had to get aggressive with Parker’s treatments.

Tomorrow we’ll be heading up to meet with the ENT.  Parker’s trach needs to be sized up.  It doesn’t do a kid much good to be on a vent with a trached cuff only to have all the air to flow right out of his mouth.  Being properly oxygenated is kinda a really important thing.

I’ve had a few people ask if we’ve raised enough money for Parker’s long term generator.  The answer?  Almost.  As we did more research we discovered a few items that the original bid left off.  Because we’ll be digging up our back yard to tie this generator into our gas line we want to make sure we do it right the first time.  So while we are close, we aren’t quite there.  It’s a goal we are determined to see become a reality.



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