Another Nurse Bites The Dust

We don’t get night nursing every night.

And it isn’t unusual for a night nurse not to show.

Or to say she came by and knocked and knocked and even left a message on the phone.

Except nobody heard her knock nor the phone ring and no messages were ever found.

Last night is an excellent example of why we are working to get a twin sized bed in Parker’s safe room so that Reed and I can look at canceling the night nursing all together.


I woke up at 6:00 a.m. to take over after last night’s nurse, who has been here  a few times before.  As usual I asked about Parker’s night, and especially about his heart rate as we’ve had some concerns over the last few weeks.

The nurse just kinda shrugged and said that Parker’s heart rate had been anywhere between the 60’s-the high 80’s.  She then picked up her report and left.

About 10 minutes later Parker’s sat monitor alarmed letting me know that his oxygen levels had fallen below 85.  I spent an hour trying to bring them up.  Including suctioning, cranking up the oxygen,  checking and changing out probes, changing Parker’s position, doing inhalation treatments to try to break up any potential gunk in his lungs, etc.

Between Parker’s low O2 levels and his now in the mid-1oo’s heart rate while sleeping, I was worried enough to call Reed at work.

A few minutes into our conversation I looked over to Parker’s oxygen concentrator and noticed that the vent tubing WASN’T HOOKED UP PROPERLY.  When switching Parker from his trach mask to the vent, this night nurse didn’t switch the tubing on the oxygen concentrator.


Which means that my kid spent the night on the vent with NO OXYGEN.

Have I ever mentioned that Parker requires extra oxygen 24/7 to, you know, stay alive?

Or that even MY KIDS know to change over the tubing when going from g-beck and nose to trach nose or trach nose to vent?

I’ve spent some time going over this nurse’s notes from last night.  A few times a night she is required to record where Parker’s heart rate and oxygen sats are.


It is very important that Parker’s O2 levels stay at 95 or above.  This is a treatment for Pulmonary Hypertension.  Both Reed and I have reminded this nurse of this many times.

Well, whadda ya know.  Her notes say that each time she charted Parker’s heart rate was 92.

And she did nothing about it.

She should have increased  Parker’s 02 on Parker’s concentrator.  That would have brought his sats up to the necessary 95.

By walking over to the concentrator to turn up Parker’s O2 she most likely would have noticed that she hadn’t changed out the tubing on the concentrator properly.

To say that Parker’s heart rate has been erratic all day long today is an understatement.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that having him on increased O2 will bring him back to his baseline.

And this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with nurses from this company.

There was the day I walked in  to catch a nurse and her husband getting a bit friendly (gross) in Parker’s room.  While I was at a doctor’s appointment, this nurse had invited her husband over to hang out (amongst other stuff) with her.

While she was on duty.

And supposed to be taking care of my son.

This same nurse wore a blue tooth in order to talk to her husband constantly.  We are talking a SIX HOUR NON-STOP conversation.  This was her way of keeping tabs on him and to make sure he wasn’t doing anything he shouldn’t.  ha!  If I needed to ask her a question she would respond by giving me the Stink Eye for interrupting her conversation with her husband.

Or how about the nurse that fell asleep so deeply during his shift that not even going into Parker’s room, turning off the TV, opening the blinds and getting Parker out of bed woke him up.

This was the same guy that sat in my living room all night long hanging out on our computer with one of my kids.

While Parker was by himself on his vent in his Safe Room.

And if Parker did something as dastardly as poop on this guy’s shift, you could hear this nurse YELLING, “Eww!  This is so gross! Now it stinks in here! YUCK! I can’t stand this!  Why couldn’t you have done this before I got here?!”

He would then come out of Parker’s safe room and demand to know where I kept the air freshener and what was he supposed to do about the stink in Parker’s room because he couldn’t be in there with such a malodorous stench.

Oh, yeah.  THAT guy was a gem.

He musta missed the memo about how poop happens.


I’ll call  this company and tell them what happened.   But they have me pegged as a real b*tch ….er… problem client.  It seems as though insisting that their nurses keep your kid alive puts you on their PITA list.

To be fair, Parker’s day nurse that comes a few times a week is also from this same company and she is fantastic.

She’s also the  reason we have stayed with this company.


It’s obvious that we now need to come up with a Plan B.

Preferably one that DOESN’T include having a night nurse kill my kid, iykwim.


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