Ann Coulter and the difference she COULD have made.

She used the r-word to describe the President.

Then, when called on the carpet about it, stated that she hated all the political correctness in the world today, and that before you know it there would be an entire book of words you could no longer use.

You would think that as someone who creates much of her celebrity as a writer, Ann would have a thesaurus of words with which to make her descriptions.  You would think that being asked not to use  a word so closely associated with the degradation of those within the special needs community wouldn’t be that big of a deal.   I mean it’s not as if she doesn’t have hundreds of other words she could have chosen.

No, Ann, of course you weren’t talking about one single individual with intellectual disabilities.

You were talking about all of them, my child included.

Perhaps she was deliberately going for the shock value. I say it’s time to give Ms. Coulter the opportunity to feel the jolt.

By simply having the maturity, the empathy, the respect for individuals with special needs, this woman could have set the bar higher in how we refer to those who can’t fight back. Instead she made the case for herself, and others with the same mindset, that it is perfectly okay to draw attention to herself on the backs of children like Parker.

The rhyme of ‘sticks and stones’ lies. Words do hurt. They make it harder to change the stereotype of a child or adult with special needs. Words make it easier to treat those with intellectual disabilities as though they don’t deserve the same rights as their typically developing peers.

As a writer, Ann Coulter knows the power of a single word.

Unfortunately she lacks the character to accept the damage caused by the words she uses.


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