And then he said “Elmo.”

It had been a long day and I’ll admit, I was exhausted.


Parker, of course,  was just working up his 786th new wind.

In an attempt to calm him down and remind him that it was dark outside and when it’s dark outside it’s time to sleep.

(Please kid, please, please sleep.)


I had Parker in my lap.  Kenny was singing soft songs to him and decided to use Parker’s new Elmo puppet to try and win his attention.

Parker looked at Kenny, and spotted Elmo.

Then clear as a bell Parker said, “Elmo!”


Parker SAID Elmo!

My non-verbal kid looked at his favorite character of all time and called him by name.

I looked at Kenny.  And Kenny looked at me.

And simultaneously screamed for Reed.

Fearing our heads had caught on fire, Reed comes into the room with the look of WTH on his face.

Together, Kenny and I yell, “Parker!”  “Parker just said Elmo!”

Incredulously, Reed asked, “He did?  Really?  Are you sure?”

I figure Reed figured that both Kenny and I couldn’t be losing our minds so together we shared some pretty smacking high fives.


It’s little things like this that give a Mama of a medically fragile kid with special needs hope.

Now if we could just get this kind of hope after Parker’s next right heart cath.

What kind of beloved characters have helped your kid make a new milestone?


  1. Scarehaircare Jan 7, 11
  2. Becca
    Jan 7, 11
  3. Melissa Jan 7, 11
  4. Angie Jan 7, 11
  5. Barbara
    Jan 7, 11
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  7. Kristin Jan 7, 11
  8. Deana Jan 7, 11
  9. Trish
    Jan 7, 11
  10. My name is Sarah Jan 7, 11
  11. Jeanette Jan 8, 11
  12. Sky Jan 8, 11
  13. Sue Mayer Jan 8, 11
  14. Chris Jan 9, 11
  15. Beckie Jan 9, 11
  16. Shannon Jan 10, 11
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