And So,

we took Parker in for another blood draw to see if the Pedialyte was doing it’s job.

The results came back worse this time than last time.

The new game plan is to give him IV fluids mixed with his Neocate via the ng tube for the next 24 hours and then retest his electrolytes again tomorrow. If they haven’t bounced back to where they need to be Parker will be admitted to PCMC.

In the mean time we will be taking him BACK for yet another blood draw today. He needs to have a cap gas done to see if his CO2 levels are okay.

That makes FOUR total blood draws for this week alone just in case anyone was counting.

We are keeping a good eye on everything that goes into Parker and everything that comes out. Weighing and measuring everything to make sure that he isn’t getting a fluid overloaded.

On Monday we are scheduled to meet with the surgeon to discuss Parker’s Nissen and G -Tube surgeries. We’ve been given green flags from the GI and Cardiologist to have these procedures performed. If this meeting goes well Parker will most likely have surgery next week.

I keep telling myself that I really can do this. But that isn’t doing a lot to get my ducks in a row and gear up for another hospital stay. Quite frankly I’m more than a teeny bit of an emotional wreck. My house looks like a bomb went off in it. I have so many things I am behind on. The pantry is bare and we aren’t even half way through the month yet!

I’m trying to get holiday things in order and checked off my to-do list. If this is like all the other times Parker has needed surgery this experience could very well morph into a stay that is way longer than anyone anticipated.

I wonder what they serve for Thanksgiving dinner at PCMC? I’m sure it must be totally awesome and gourmet.



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