Anatomy of an EKG

We made it through Parker’s EKG. Although if I were honest, I’d tell you that I’m still hanging from the ceiling by my fingernails.

Hopefully I’ll work my way back down in the next few days

However, I make no promises.

Parker’s EKG showed about the same results as the one he had three months ago.

I know I said that I would be happy if Tuesday’s results came back the same as the previous one.

I lied.


From the very bottom of my tippy toes.

What I really yearned to hear was that everything looked normal!


No different than any other healthy kid’s results would come in at.

Yeah, I’m the one who is always harping about how boring normal is. About the beauty that lies within different.

But in this one instance I covet the boring of normal over the terrifying of pulmonary hypertension.

What can I say? I’m a wimp.

The bottom line is that Parker’s left heart looks as though it is functioning the way it should.

The right side of his heart is still enlarged. Which is referred to as being abnormal.

Here are two of Parker’s EKGs.


This is from 2005. See how far up those funky lines go. Like totally out of the borders of the graph?

Yeah. That’s not good.

That is what circling the drain looks like.


This is Parker’s EKG from Tuesday. The top lines are still too tall. They go up too many boxes on the graph. It tells us the right side of Parker’s heart is working too hard.

This is abnormal for an EKG.

But still better than circling the drain.

We are in the process of scheduling another right heart cath.  It will be in about two weeks.

Because we refuse to give up our goal of achieving normal and healthy for our Brave Hero.

He deserves nothing less.


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