An Update A Giveaway And More

We are looking at a couple of things with Parker’s heart rate:

1.  It may be that his dose of digoxin could be too high.  We are to start taking his pulse each night before his final dose is due.  If his heart rate is 60 or above, we can give it to him.  If it is below 60, then we will hold it.

2.  It could be that since his heart rate only tanks when he is asleep, that he is just falling into a super deep sleep, thus causing his heart rate to go so low.

3.  I’d rather not think about any other options right now.  I’m trying to keep a faithful heart.

We haven’t been able to take our Brave Hero into the cardiologist because he has been beyond sick. At first we were worried that perhaps he had developed a bowel obstruction, which is very common among kids who have had pull-through surgeries.  That plus the fact that what he has been throwing up has been grass green…..and well…..erg.

But today we are thinking it has indeed been the flu.    He is tolerating contiuous feeds of 45 cc’s an hour of Pedialyte.  And he is looking better.

Update.  Scratch that.  He just threw up again.  After 5 hours of holding his feeds.

You know, like a Mac Truck only ran over him once, instead of several times.

This poor kid has been miserable.

On the Giveaway front, we have another one going on over at 5 Minutes For Special Needs. Go.  Read.  Enter.

And then in our eternal efforts to try and be able to afford Parker, you will see a badge on the right hand side of the page on 5 Minutes For Special Needs.  It reads “Playing For Parker”  Underneath that are some online games.

Whenever someone plays one of those games, the proceeds go into Parker’s medical fund.  They are totally kid friendly games.

Even though I was indeed hired on over at Blissfully Domestic to be the editor of their new Special Needs Channel, I had to step down.  Parker has shown me this week that his health is still on very shaky ground.

Keeping Parker alive trumps trying to make money from home each and every time.


  1. Michelle Jan 10, 09
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