An authentically inspired life.

It is important me that I create an authentically inspired life in a world where she who dies with the most toys wins.  I know I can’t do it all and need to seek contentment and find a more simple way of living that my meets my definition of beautiful, regardless of what anyone else might consider that definition to be.

I’m always looking for fresh perspective and motivation, while balancing a perfection oriented personality.

Jumping at the Kangaroo Zoo

Our air conditioner decided to give out on the first 90 degree day of the year yesterday.  So we took Parker, who does NOT do well in the heat, to the Kangaroo Zoo for a few hours.  He had a great time.  I almost choked handing over that $20.00, but I considered it therapy and that helped some.

We live in a ‘try hard to keep up world.’   When I first had Parker, one of my thoughts was that at least within the special needs world I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping up with the proverbial  Jones’ anymore.  Not so.  There’s a whole new breed of Jones’ in the special needs world that includes the rating of diagnoses and abilities.

summer flower pot

I stopped by to check out the flowers at the nursery yesterday hoping to use the money my Mom gave me for Mother’s Day to purchase more flowers for my front porch.  Unfortunately the price was too high and Parker needed goat milk more than I needed flowers and so I left feeling a bit discouraged that I’d be making do with just one lonely pot of flowers on my porch.  Then it hit me.  If I couldn’t find the gratitude with the one pot I have, why do I think more pots would make any difference?

Most of us know what it is like to be discouraged about our homes or the level our child’s IEP declares them to be at, the time or money we have (or don’t have) to put into our child’s therapies, the lack of control we have over our circumstances.

I saw a sign on Pinterest reminding everyone to not forget to be amazing. (!)

I think though that sometimes making the decision to leave amazing on the shelf and focus on authentic is the harder thing to do.

Tomato garden

We are slowly getting our garden in.  18 tomato plants and 9 pepper plants so far along with two long rows of potatoes.  Still have beans, squash, and cucumbers and a few other things to get in the ground. 

I’m working on finding contentment within a world of perfectly staged blogs, magazine shoots, and television ads.  Seriously, how many of us color co-ordinate our kitchen to the colors of the label of the cleaner we use.  Especially when we make our own cleaners.

Refusing to be influenced by who others think I should be, or should be doing and instead focusing on who I am and what I have been blessed with, (even if in the eyes of our society looks to be outdated and not enough), is unbelievably freeing.

growing strawberries

We were gifted a WalMart gift card.  I used most of it for groceries.  I used the rest for these little beauties to enlarge our strawberry patch.  It’s now TWICE the size!  Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

I hope to be an example of this for my children who are beginning to make their way on life’s journey.  It’s such an epiphany to realize that when you spend your time being content with what you have, you feel so much richer.  Growing red chard

I’m growing Swiss Chard in what used to be my herb garden.  I’ll use it everyday in Parker’s blenderized diet, and dehydrate a TON of it to use over the winter!

I want to grow to be who I was meant to be and not try to imitate an illusion of perfection that takes all of my effort to repaint each day.  Choosing contentment and an authentic life over perfection.  I’m convinced it’s a huge step in finding that often elusive thing we call happiness.



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