Alphabet Letters

We were working on picking out specific alphabet letters in an array of three.  Parker was nailing each and every query I gave him.  We were ready to wind up the experience and so I told him that after one more time we’d be all done.    I offered up the challenge, Parker handed me the correct letter, and then I made my big mistake.  Forgetting I had told him this was the last time, I set the array up again and asked him again for a specific letter.

Parker threw a fit and signed all done.  Apparently when I tell him ‘just one more time’, it had better really be just one more time.


home school

Parker doing lessons with his Gam. 

This littlest Hodson boy of mine may not be able to tell me how he feels using words, but can he ever tell me in other ways.

Little by little.  Day by day, we are figuring this stuff out, my Brave Hero and I.

I have a much better grasp on what and how to teach Parker now.  It’s taken me longer than I thought it would to feel this comfortable with what we’re doing.  Starting in August we’re upping Parker’s sight words and signs.

It’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort on both of our parts.

That’s okay. We’re up for the challenge.

PS: Cleaning out?  We’re having a yard sale July 27th and would love any of your stuff you no longer need that might be a treasure for someone else.

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