A Santa Craft!

I’m all about the texture crafts to help meet Parker’s sensory seeking nature. There some though that I tend to shy away from because of the trach. Like anything with cotton balls. I can just see me trying to explain to Parker’s surgeon that I did in all in the name of creativity as he wheels my Brave Hero into the operating room.

Every so often though, those little puffs of white seem to scream to be created with. Like in the project below. What can I say? I remember making these kinds of Santas when I was a kid.

The Getting Ready:

Colored paper in ‘Santa’ colors.  I used scrapbook paper because it is textured.

Here I’ve used the template to create the Santa face.  Ready to start dipping those cotton balls in some glue!

Santa’s got a goatee! 

The Blue Eyed Girl stepped in to make sure those fuzzy, glue covered hands didn’t make a pit stop at the trach.

The TaDa!

Here’s hoping Santa remembers what a great kid our Hero has been this year!


So, Mom….what’s next?

PS:  Parker and I will be giving away two codes for these next week!  Woot!


  1. Penny Putman Dec 9, 11
  2. Rebekah Dec 9, 11
  3. Anu Ganesh Dec 17, 12
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