A Plan, A Prada Bag, More Septra and Gratitude.

Parker’s procedure for tomorrow has been canceled.

Instead he’s going on 10 more days of Septra.

After a long and hard road, the decision has been made to start Parker off on Botox and a med to dry up secretions.

Parker has a history of not responding to things they way a typical kid would.

And since the pinning down of his epiglottis is not exactly a typical surgery,  it holds the potential of something unexpected happening.

We’ll try this once and see how we do.

And then reevaluate.

My heart feels at peace with this.  And since that doesn’t happen as often as I wish it would, I’m taking it as a sign that I’m on the right track.

PLEASE, if you know someone who’s neighbor’s sister’s Sunday school teacher’s niece had issues with Botox………DON’T tell me about it.

This peace of which I speak is a fragile thing.

I’m learning to take it one day at a time.  Trying to second guess something now that won’t take place for months doesn’t bode well for one’s mental health.

Trust me on this one, k?  For my experience in this area is vast.

We were given a Prada bag by a sweet friend for us to sell and use the proceeds for items Parker needs.

It’s not a new bag.  And it needs some time with a bit of suede cleaner and a brush.

But there are no holes, rips, etc.

And if the truth be known, I’d love to keep it for myself.  It is one sweet bag.  Well made.  A nice weight.  Solid.  And about 16 inches long.


Prada, Baby.


I thought my 24 year old was a great sport to allow me to take pictures of her 5 minutes after she rolled out of bed  to model the Prada for you.


Did I tell you that the 24 year old is all but engaged?

Did I tell you that in my heart she’ll always be 3?


If you are interested in the bag, just make me an offer.  Chances are overwhelmingly in your favor of me accepting it.  I like win-win deals the best of all.


I’ve had people ask what Parker might need.

First, and foremost:  Prayers.

Other items include:

Twinlab Liquid Vitamin B


(We go through this by the BUCKETS.  Parker’s Teeny Tiny Designer Hiney couldn’t survive without this stuff!)

A+D Ointment

This goes OVER the Ilex so we go through buckets of it as well!  We also use it around Parker’s g-tube stoma.  (different jar of course)



Can only be liquid.  And this brand last longer because its concentration is greater.  IA kids need stuff like this for life.


(BOTH Walgreens and Wal-Mart has a knock off Aquaphor that works just as well.)


Specifically prescribed by Parker’s GI specialist.  We’ve tried other brands because this stuff  is pricey.  But only the Flora Stor does the job for our Brave Hero.

Okay.  I need to beat feet down to the drug store and pick up the second round of Septra.

And pick up the biggest Diet Coke I can find.

PS: Did I tell you that I spent the weekend making window treatments out of a $5.00 stash of yard sale material?

Or that I am spray painting all of my vent covers because I am too cheap to buy new ones?

Except for the cussing I did during the sewing, it’s all turned out really great.  I still have a lamp base to paint, and a nightstand for the Blue Eyed Girl to paint with some mis-tinted paint.   I’ll do a show it tell when I get it all done, k?


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