A Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft



Some days you just have to tell yourself that the mess really is worth it.

Parker and I picked the first pumpkin of the season today. Then we worked with paint, glue, and paper products trying to pay homage to the freshly snatched orange ball.  No matter how many times I tried to get Parker to sign ‘pumpkin‘ he insisted on signing orange ball.

Close enough.


We started by painting the edge of the paper plate orange.

Then I turned the Brave Hero loose with a piece of orange paper and let him rip away.


Parker used the ripped paper as mosaic pieces to fill in the pumpkin.

It might not seem like much on first glance, but with this simple art project we covered the following objectives:

the color orange

pumpkins are orange

pumpkins grow in our garden from that teeny seed we planted last spring

a circle is round

various find motor skills……an area that Parker needs work in

a connection between concrete (the pumpkin) and the abstract (the paper plate pumpkin)

how to sign pumpkin (or orange ball……ahem)

pumpkins have prickly stems

pumpkin starts with the letter P……just like Parker!

and Mom freaks when you try to eat the glue



Oh, yeah.  A mess was made.  But so were some memories and hopefully a connection or two.


Teaching a child with Down syndrome requires a unique mixture of reviewing the old and the introduction of new concepts.  Slowly you discover the review isn’t needed as much and that the field is open for a new objective to be mastered.

It’s great to be able to find a way to cover it all in one simple, but messy, art project.


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