A New LDS Missionary

I’m not sure what happened.  One blink it was the end of May and the next blink it is the beginning of September and I have a new LDS Missionary at the MTC.  I’ve been feeling a bit melancholy about going from a family of 8 down to a family of 4.  My heart is aching just a bit, but I know there is so much to look forward to as the seasons continue to march forward.

Two brothers saying goodbye as one leaves on an LDS mission

We dropped Rigel off at the MTC on Wednesday.  They no longer have the parents come into the MTC and participate in a short program.  Instead a host Missionary met Rigel and after about 3 minutes of trying to say goodbye, one of the Church’s newest Missionaries was whisked off.

Heading to the MTC

It did momentarily cross my mind to run and grab Rigel, express my condolences to the MTC and tell them that we’ve changed our minds and he’d be back when he turns 19.

But my knowledge that  Rigel is doing exactly what he should be doing kept me from doing anything dumb. I really am excited for him to serve the next 2 years in the Washington, Seattle Mission.  He’s worked so hard and I’m telling ya, the kid is ready.  It’s time for him to begin to make the memories that he will share with his kids and their kids after that.


What’s it called when you are both so very happy and kind of sad all at the same time?


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Oh.  I remember.


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