A New Home School Year

I’ve learned quite a few things in my years of being a Home School Mama to a medically fragile child with special needs.

I’ve learned that like a Boy Scout, my motto must be “Be Prepared.”  That is the Scout motto, right?

Preschool Unit

Anyway, I find that if I don’t have every single thing planned out as far in advanced then I wind up spending an hour of valuable school time running around trying to find the stuff for an art project, run off a visual, round up the manipulatives.  argh.

yearly themes for preschool

I took this entire weekend to put together the new year’s school plans.  I usually have two ‘themes’ a month along with addressing all of Parker’s IEP goals.

I begin by listing all of Parker’s IEP goals.  I don’t purchase curriculum.  I find that it is too expensive and no one curriculum meets all of Parker’s needs.

lesson plans

Instead I rely on Pinterest (Do you follow us over there?  If not you should.  I have some amazing homeschooling boards!) and those lovely souls who share their printables.  So much cheaper and I can take what Parker can use and leave the rest.

Preschool book list.

New this year, I have a list of books I’d like to include in each month’s theme.  I actually carry it with me when I’m out and about in case I run across one of the books at a yard sale.

I’ve also written down many ideas to use during the time we practice writing Parker’s name.  I’ll make sure I have all of the necessary things I need ready and waiting.

I’ll be doing the same things for all my art projects for the year.

Transportation Theme

I’m not so tied into this schedule that I couldn’t move a few things around if I came across a really awesome idea I wanted to implement.  It’s nice to have it done though.

Was it a lot of work.


Was it worth it.

Double Yup.

I’m always so much more relaxed when I have things down on paper.  It’s like if I’ve taken the time to write it out, I don’t have to worry about it any more.

What about you?  Are you getting a new home school year planned out and ready to go?


PS:  I’ve had emails asking if people who might not be able to donate items to Parker’s yard sale can still donate directly to Now I Can.org or to a PayPal account.  The answer to both questions is Yes!

You can donate directly to Now I Can.org from this page.  But you MUST state that the donation is for Parker Hodson, or else it will go into the general fund.

We still have our donation PayPal button up for now.  You can make a donation towards Parker’s therapies through that as well.

Others have asked what kind of things sell well at yard sales.  These items include:  furniture and furnishings, home decor, kitchen appliances, dishes, pots and pans,  canning items, KID STUFF (clothes, toys, etc.), books, BABY STUFF (highchairs, clothes, toys, swings, etc.), power tools, gardening tools, lawn mowers, snow blowers, bikes, craft supplies…….so much stuff!

To be truthful, I’d much rather accept items that someone can no longer use and match them with a new owner that sees them as just what they’ve been dreaming of.  We just need help in getting the word out!

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