A Little Closer to Healthy

It looks as though the Plague of ’09 is winding down. For this we are exceptionally thankful. You forget what a blessing your health is until you are knocked on your butt for the better part of more than a week.


The flu caught us right smack dab in the middle of painting our gargantuan sized solid oak entertainment center.

(I’m taking to heart the idea of using what we have. Instead of going out to buy something new, finding a way to improve on something we already have.)


Because really, think how boring this project would have been if we would have been healthy during it.


I’m determined to get my groove back this week.

And my laundry caught up.


  1. Heidi Jun 8, 09
  2. Paige Jun 8, 09
  3. Scarehaircare Jun 8, 09
  4. Lisa Jun 9, 09
  5. beverly Jun 9, 09
  6. kaci Jun 9, 09
  7. Barbara
    Jun 9, 09
  8. Shelly Jun 9, 09
  9. Michelle and Elliot Jun 10, 09
  10. Bunny Rose Cottage Jun 11, 09
  11. Michelle Jun 17, 09
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