A Literature Based Learning Activity: The Story of Ferdinand

“They called him Ferdinand the Fierce and all the Banderilleros were afraid of him and the Picadores were afraid of him and the Matador was scared stiff.”

from The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf

The Story of Ferdinand is based on a very human foible, the tendency to think we know someone based on looks and a lone experience.  From these two things human often make great misconceptions.  Kind of like the misconceptions made about kids with special needs based simply on appearance and a single experience relayed by someone else.

Go figure.

I love to incorporate literature into other aspects of learning.  With The Story Of Ferdinand I chose to incorporate both art, and fine motor skills.  We are still working on perfecting Parker’s pencil grasp and activities such as the one I’m about to share provides a fun way to work on that skill!

Glue-less Mosaics



We started with foam squares, red felt triangles, red feathers, and black tissue paper squares.  I specifically chose these shapes, their our review shapes for December.



I placed a piece of contact paper on Parker’s art board, sticky side up. Parker chose a color/shape and stuck it to the contact paper. We kept the mosaic pieces on Parker’s left side which required him to cross mainline using his right hand. As you can see from the picture, just the ‘sticky’ from the contact paper offered up a fun sensory experience.


Is this kid adorable or what? heh.

IMG_9893 Add an Image

After the mosaic was finished, I covered it with another sheet of contact paper, cut it into a circle shape, punched holes around the circle with my hole punch and turned our art project into a lacing activity! More fine motor skills required!

Nothing flashy, but great solid lessons to be learned, just like the book, Ferdinand.


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