A Letter From My Missionary

I sent my companion off at the airport at 4 a.m. this morining, (I cant see straight right now) and I will be picking up a fresh out of the box missionary from the MTC in a few hours.

I was called to train  new missionaries this transfer.  AND I was called to be a District Leader too.

I guess President wants me to work as hard as I can towards the end of my mission. I wanted to go through my mission without being in leadership, just being a Senior Companion my whole mission. But President wanted me to accept the 2 callings, so I did. It should be an interesting.

I bought a scale at Target for my companion before he left yesterday. He had to make sure his bags weighed enough so he could get on the plane. He doesn’t have any money, and his life has been really insane.  And the problems he is will be going through when he gets home will be intense. So I bought it for him, because he was really freaking out about having over weighted luggage.

But, hey, now I have a new scale to motivate me to lose weight yeah?

So at 2 today, I will know my new companion. The usual routine is, I go to the mission office with all of the other trainers of the mission, and president just assigns us right then and there.

He has an interview with the greenies before we get there, so right now I have no idea who it is going to be. But this just floods back memories of Elder Granados, (Larry hahah).

I hope I can have such an impact on my new missionary’s life, and mine did for me. So please, pray for me .  Not to mention being accountable for other missionaries being a District Leader. I guess you could say I am freaking out about this. Cause I am. haha. Very nervous. We will see how things go.

Well, I’ve got to get back and clean the apartment before I have to pick up my new missionary.  I love you all.

Please be praying for me. I have to give the Trainings in Spanish. I have to teach about different things in my district meetings.  IN SPANISH.   ahh.

When did I grow up?

haha. Love ya

Elder Hodson

Did I ever tell you that Brant flunked Spanish in High School?   And that all during High School I told him that he would NEED that Spanish when he went on his mission? lol!

Oh, how I love this kid.  And how I love the power of the Gospel.  My testimony is strong.  I believe in the power of prayer.   And we’ll be praying for this most amazing missionary of ours.


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