A Labor of Pure and Total Love

I am so fortunate to be a part of a family at my Trisomy21 board.  The love and support from these amazing families have seen us through so much with Parker.

We lost one of ‘our’ kids a few weeks ago.  Mikey earned his wings and the love of all of those around him.  So many people from this amazing board I am a part of gathered together to send tulips to Mikey’s funeral, help financially, go in on a group gift and finally add their support through the beautiful art of scrapbooking.  I volunteered to compile the pages in the album as well as add a few layouts from both Parker and I.  What a blessing this has been!
I wanted to share this album with you:

This gorgeous album came from Kei.

Kei also sent so many beautiful extras for Danielle to use to create more layouts.

The Title Page: From Parker

From Debra and Hope

From: Parker

From Amy and Mayson

From Kitty and Nathaniel:

From Chris and Nana:

From Megan and Abby:

From Parker:



We love you Danielle and Mikey!

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