A Hodson Halloween

We took Parker to his class Halloween party. Even though Parker is a Home and Hospital student, we do try to allow him to spend some time in his classroom before the ‘sick season’ kicks in.  Later that night Parker’s sisters took him Trick or Treating throughout our neighborhood.  And that folks, is pretty much a Hodson Halloween these days.

When we walked into Parker’s classroom, he was greeted by his friends in his class with heartwarming ‘hellos’ and ‘invitations to come and sit by me!’ I absolutely LOVE this class and had the opportunity to meet many of the other Moms who had come to help out with the party.  (Parker and I brought all the makings to decorate sugar cookies!)

I can’t deny that the atmosphere was jacked in that classroom.  My usually laid back kid went a bit bonkers with all of the excitement flowing through the air.  I was totally embarrassed when he basically threw himself at another child 3 times his size in a massive, friendly bear hug.  Luckily this poor friend was a good sport about the whole thing as I  flew over to rescue him from my kid.

A Halloween Party

In a lucky turn of events Rigel came along to hang out with Parker during his class party and wrastle our wild Pirate into public respectability.

After our traditional Halloween pizza dinner, McCall and Kenny took Pirate Parker decked out in his sensory friendly costume around the neighborhood trick or treating.  By then our Pirate was pretty beat and only made it to a few houses.


A brother and sister on Halloween


I have to say that I adore my neighbors.  Many of them had ‘treats’ for Parker just waiting for his arrival.  Bubbles, and a fun stuffed animal were waiting for the neighborhood friend that can’t eat by mouth.  Parker was also greeted with a big hug from one of his neighborhood friends so happy to see the P-Man out with everyone else.

A little boy and his sister in their Halloween costumes.

You KNOW our Hero is tired when he actually SIGNS ‘up please’ in a plea to have someone pick him up and put him to bed.  Surprisingly enough, Parker’s sats last night were beautiful and he slept the entire night.

And that folks is a Hodson Halloween.  Much calmer than the Halloweens when my now older kids were younger, but still full of fun and brothers and sisters who all chip in to make the holiday an exciting one for their littlest brother!

  • What are your family Halloween traditions? 
  • How do you gear your Halloween to meet the needs of your child with special needs. 
  • I’d LOVE for you to link to pictures of your child in their Halloween costume in the comment section below.
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