A Guinea Pig Named Wally

I’ve never been a huge pet person.  I always had a cat growing up and even had guinea pigs too.  It was great when my mom was there to do the cleaning up.  heh.  With a house full of kids having another body to take care of simply wasn’t on my priority list.  So it was with great surprise when Rigel asked Reed if he could have a guinea pig named Wally.

I thought for sure when Rigel asked Reed for permission Reed would say no.  I guess a Dad comes home from work to your kid having purchased you a pizza and a giant bottle of Dr. Pepper and gets down on his knees to beg, a Dad says yes.  Amatuer.  *snort*

guiena pig


It wasn’t long until we discovered that guinea pigs are social creatures and need to at least be in pairs.  sigh.  A few weeks later we had two when Bernie joined our family.

baby guinea pig

For those of you who may be wondering about Parker’s lungs and two furry creatures in our home, before these four legged kids joined us we had Parker allergy tested.  It was something on the calendar already, all I did was ask if they could add in guinea pigs.  Lo and behold guess which Brave Hero is allergic to everything EXCEPT guinea pigs.  I kid you not.  And since we don’t let them run around on the carpets, Parker isn’t exposed that much anyway.

baby guiena pig in a wooden house

In order to keep the dust down and the cost low, we are using fleece for the guinea pig bedding.  Yup.  Fleece.  It stays dry unlike the store bought bedding and I just change it out daily so no smells start to bubble and toil.

guiena pig cozy

One thing guinea pigs love is having places to hide out.  Let’s face it, they are pretty much on the bottom of the food chain in their natural habit and hiding has become part of their DNA.  But these guinea pig cozies are pricey little suckers.

Enter my Mom, the Blue Eyed Girl, some left over fleece and an old pillow case.

sewing a guinea pig cozy

I’d rather change ostomy bags than have to sit and sew.  It’s kind of a sore spot between my Mom and me.  My Mom is an expert seamstress and my Grandmother an even greater one.  All you had to do was show my Granny what you wanted and she’d cut out a pattern from old newspaper and whip you up that item in the blink of an eye.


Just walking past the sewing section in WalMart stresses me out.  Seriously.  My Mom, bless her heart, has tried to teach me how to sew a million times.  Luckily the Blue Eyed Girl has taken a true interest in sewing and has taken the pressure off of me.  I guess giving birth to a grandchild who can sew is almost as good as having a child of your own who can sew.

Grandmother and Granddaughter

While I do most of the cleaning up after Wallace and Bernard, I don’t mind it as much as I thought I would.  These two little piggies have really opened up Parker’s curiosity about animals, something he never was very into before.  He loves these two guys and they are so gentle with him it makes my heart sing.

homemade guinea pig cozy

I just never expected to have two of them hanging out in my family room.

The biggest downfall about Wally and Bernie is that while Parker may not be allergic to them……..guess who is?  Yup.  Me.  I’ve been buying Zyrtec by the pound.

That’s okay too though.  It’s worth it to see the happiness that these two critters have brought our family….even my parents are hooked and have to hold them and listen to them chatter and talk.

What animals do you have?  How do your kids with special needs get along with them?


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