A Giveway! Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay!

You know that at our house we are all about the tactile learning.  Hands on.  Interactive.  Using as many senses as possible.

There are lots of play doughs on the market.  But I’ve had the same issue with everyone I’ve tried.

They stink.  As in they smell bad.  Really bad.

That’s the reason I started making my own doughs for playing.


Then I came across Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay.


The first thing I noticed were the scents.

  • Geranium
  • Lavender
  • Lemon Grass


Looking closer I discovered the other ingredients :

  • Certified Gluten Free Flours  ( I love the gluten free.  Seriously, how many kids haven’t taken a hunk of dough and popped it into their mouths? I have a now 22 year old I could out this very second.)
  • Kosher Salt
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Natural Coloring


Hello?  How amazing can a Play Clay be?  Mama K must really know her stuff.

But before I could recommend this to my friends here.  I had to put it to the Parker test.


With all of our Brave Hero’s tactile issues, would the feel of this freak him out?

Would the olive oil in Mama K’s recipe allow the dough to release from the molds easily?  A HUGE issue for someone still working on small motor skills.


And finally, could I handle the smell.  (You have NO idea how many brands of play dough I have tossed due to the smell.  Even other scented kinds….stunk. Or should that read stank? )


Oh, the tactile learning fun we had.


Yup. The verdict is in.


We LOVE everything about Mama K’s Play Clay.

So much that we asked Mama K is offer up a canister to one of our readers!

The entering is easy!

  • Simply leave me a comment about what you think you would love about Mama K’s Play Clay!

Extra entries:

  • Join our Google Friend Connect. That’s how we know who’s Praying for Parker.
  • Tweet or FB this giveaway!
  • At the very bottom of this post, click on the Share link.  Then click on the Twitter of Facebook icon.  Easy!

Make sure to leave a comment for EACH entry, k?

The fine print: Mama K sent us a free canister of Play Clay.  It’s kinda hard to review something you don’t have.  We received no other compensation besides a whole lotta fun.


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