A Fall Garden

I the only one afraid to go grocery shopping lately?

On a budget as tight as ours even the .50 increase in goat milk makes a girl take notice.

From fruit to meat to grains, the prices have surpassed worrisome and are heading to down right shocking.

Between Parker’s blenderized diet and the green smoothies we’re growing fond of, we are going through a lot of fruits and vegetables.  Small bunches of Kale and Swiss Chard are running right around $2.50 where I live.   We can go through a bunch daily.  Easily.

I remember when fresh greens were cheap.  They were considered ‘poor man’s food.’

Not any more.

Instead of shelling out the bucks for this variety of nutrition, I decided to fight back.

My weapon?

A Fall garden.

fall garden

It’s nothing big.  Just a few rows.  But hopefully it will be enough to meet out needs with leftovers to dehydrate.

Didn’t know you could dehydrate leafy greens such as spinach, kale and swiss chard.  Yup.  You sure can.  I take the dehydrated leaves and turn them into a fine powder in my blender.  I use this leafy green powder in soups, pasta sauces and even chilli.  Anywhere I can hide it without Reed being able to taste it.  (ssshhhh…don’t tell, k?)

fall garden

fall garden

A lot of extra nutrition just for the cost of a few seeds and a bit of time in the garden.   A very good trade off I’d say.

PS:   For those of you who are local, Smith’s is having a huge sale.  Purchase 5 boxes of Betty Crocker potatoes and get them free.  The same with Betty Crocker Mac and Cheese and certain Old El Paso products.  Betty Crocker cake mixes are .25 when you purchase 5.  You can find the details in the store.  The sale only goes through tomorrow though.


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    Oct 22, 12
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        Oct 22, 12
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