A Circle of Seasons

I was working on a homeschooling with special needs post for today.


But then my neighbor told me that Alpine School District has decided that each of it’s employees will need to pay $500.00 per family, per month for health insurance.

Health insurance that was supposed to be part of Reed’s benefits package.

And it’s not even the good kind of insurance.


So, I had to take a minute and remember to breathe.

Later, when I (ahem) regained consciousness, I remembered that yard sale season has begun.  And I made a date to go treasure hunting with a friend.

I’ll keep my eye out for items to use in Parker’s homeschooling.  Next year’s school clothes.  And maybe a few secrets to tuck away as gifts.


Library sales and yard sales are excellent ways to afford great books on the cheap.

Life is what you make of it.  And I’m up for the challenge of making this season of our lives on of our very best.

If it’s not too personal, anybody want to share what their monthly health insurance premiums are?


  1. Lacey and Jax May 13, 09
  2. The Wiz May 13, 09
  3. Tammy & Parker May 13, 09
  4. Debby May 14, 09
  5. Tammy & Parker May 14, 09
  6. Lacia & Kaia May 14, 09
  7. Penney May 14, 09
  8. Kay May 14, 09
  9. Becky May 14, 09
  10. kadiera
    May 14, 09
  11. Tammy & Parker May 14, 09
  12. Lacey and Jax May 14, 09
  13. Chris May 14, 09
  14. Suzi Searles May 14, 09
  15. Ecki May 14, 09
  16. Krista
    May 14, 09
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