A Brave Hero And His Tush

As of TOMORROW it has officially been ten long days of trying to keep Parker off his Teeny Tiny Designer Hiney.

Out of desperation we had to upgrade to:


Letting Parker sit on pillows. We either put the pillow in our laps and then hold Parker or in case of emergency bathroom detours we put the pillow on the floor and sit His Highness on it. As long as said detour last more than 20-30 seconds, it’s all good.

Any longer than that and Parker melts down.

It takes Parker just as long if not longer to recover emotionally from a surgery as it does physically. Just by looking at him, you can tell that Parker has been through the ringer. He won’t even let his beloved brothers and sisters hang out with him. It’s either me or Reed.

I have a serious case of Rocking Chair Butt.

But. I promise. It is more than worth it.


Who could resist a face as beautiful as this?

And, yeah, we are still trying to figure out how to glue this kid’s hair down. We’ve tried pretty much everything except putting a brick on the kid’s head.

And for some reason my camera made my carpet look like the color of pea soup. It is actually a beautiful color of moss. A gorgeous, deep neutral. Really. I promise. I don’t think I could sleep tonight if you guys all thought my tastes ran to colors like lime green pea soup.

Although I’m pretty sure most of you didn’t even notice until I brought it up.

Okay. Never mind.

And as requested,

A recap of fundraisers:

Yes! RME is still accepting new accounts and if you sign up using the link on the top of Parker’s sidebar (the green one!) YOU will get $25.00 and Parker’s medical fund will receive $10.00…cause you signed up under him.

Our sweet friend from A Child’s Life is hosting IMAGINE for both Parker and Rhett.

Make sure you stop here and read about Jacqui’s contribution to this beautiful event. FYI, bring tissues.

And LOOK! what Parker’s bud, Joey and his Mom are doing for Parker and Rhett!

Pages4Parker is still underway. I need to post some pictures of a few simply gorgeous items that have been donated for this.

If anyone would like to contribute to this you can touch base with Michelle.

Or me. I could answer a question if you have one. Hopefully.

Oh. And in case I haven’t done this lately. I need to thank everyone. For, you know, everything. I’m trying to touch base personally, but it may take a minute. I just need everyone to know how much your love and support means to our family.


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