A year’s supply of peace of mind.

I’m still up to my chin in preserving our harvest. Reed just mentioned that maybe we should put up another load of our chunky, hot salsa. Luckily I still have some of the onions and peppers we grew in our garden this season.

At the same time I’m trying to get our routine going for Parker’s home school year. It’s a wee bit crazy making.


I’ve baked, blended and frozen our patty pan squash. Next up: acorn squash and pumpkins! These will be used in Parker’s Blenderized Diet. It’s so nice to be able to reach into the freezer and grab just the perfect thing for Parker’s food that day.


I tried something new this year. I gathered up a few locally grown watermelons, chunked them up, threw them in the VitaMix and then poured the results into ice cube trays.


These watermelon ‘cubes’ taste great and will work really well in smoothies.


It’s a lot of work. But it’s work I enjoy. Work I feel good about doing.

I love knowing I have food set by. I love knowing that I can feed my family on free to cheap whole foods, many that I’ve grown myself.

The price of food is going up faster than I can keep track of it. And from what I’ve read, it’s only going to get worse. In the midst of this we are working to try and lower our monthly food bill even more.

Cause what’s life without a challenge, eh?

I sometimes day dream about being able to have a year’s supply built up for our family. A year’s supply of peace of mind. A year’s supply of security against food inflation.

Food storage is something our Church encourages. You never know when a job could be lost. A natural disaster take place. An illness make a loved one unable to work. Or a very expensive medically fragile child with special needs join your family and wipe out all of your savings.

I don’t want to be like Mother Hubbard with a bare cupboard. And so I garden, coupon and cook from scratch.

What about you? What kinds of things are you doing to protect yourself from rising food costs, job loss, or natural disasters?


PS:  A great place to get started learning about food storage?  Everyday Food Storage

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